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Who do we think we are?

16. Dezember 2021

Who do we think we are? A new perspective on humans and the natural world

Webinar der niederländischen Scientists for Future, Livestream bei Youtube

The crises that characterize the era that we have started to call the Anthropocene demand a fundamental reflection on the position that we humans have taken on this planet. Many philosophers claim that our view of nature as a storehouse of goods and services and space that can be colonized needs to change radically in order to create a truly sustainable future for humanity. The French philosopher Michel Serres proposes a ‘nature contract’ in which we approach nature as a subject with own rights. When nature would move from a position of object to subject, what are the implications for science?

Matthijs Schouten is an ecologist, philosopher and buddhist and is interested in the role that nature plays in human thought. Matthijs currently works at Staatsbosbeheer and is professor of Nature and landscape conservation at University College Cork and University College Galway (Ireland). He is emeritus professor of Nature conservation and plant ecology at the University of Wageningen. Matthijs is author of the book “Spiegel van de Natuur: Het Natuurbeeld in Cultuurhistorisch Perspectief” (Nature’s Mirror: the Image of Nature in Cultural-Historical Perspective).

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