GAIA Best Paper Award

Award Winner 2019 

Die Mitglieder des Wissenschaftlichen Beirats von GAIA haben uns per begründeter Abstimmung als Gewinner nominiert und schreiben:

Gregor Hagedorn and colleagues – the so-called Scientists for Future – are the winners of the GAIA Best Paper Award 2019. They received the award for their article The concerns of the young protesters are justified: A statement by Scientists for Future concerning the protests for more climate protection (GAIA 2/2019). Taking seriously the public demand that science should make an active contribution to solving social problems, Hagedorn et al. concisely summarize sound knowledge about the global challenge of climate change, explain convincingly why scientific research supports the demands of the Friday for Future movement, and critically reflect on the role of sciences between neutrality and commitment. Besides this, it is GAIA’s most popular article, with 1450 full-text downloads in 2019.


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