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Exploring degrowth policy proposals

24. November 2022

This fall, S4F and Ontgroei are co-organizing a series of webinars on the topic of degrowth.

Degrowth speaks to the primary contradictions of our time: ecological overshoot, social shortfall, capital accumulation. But how does it approach policy-making? This episode explores the current state of degrowth policy proposals and how their key features fit the context of public policy design and transition strategies. Check out the open access paper here.

Speaker: Nicholas Fitzpatrick
Nick is a cycling and train lover who lives in a van. He holds a BSc in Environmental Science, MSc in Geology (Ice & Climate), and is a PhD Candidate in Environment & Sustainability at Nova University Lisbon, Portugal. Nick’s PhD research focuses on untangling the relationship between power, politics, and practice of degrowth. Previously, Nick has been a speechwriter for Pope Francis, taught political economy at CEMUS, and was a youth negotiator at the UNFCCC.

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