Kategorie: ohne Anmeldung Expert Workshop on Modelling Energy Sufficiency

Expert Workshop on Modelling Energy Sufficiency

16. März 2021

Auftakt-Workshop der Nachwuchsforschungsgruppe „Die Rolle von Energiesuffizienz in Energiewende und Gesellschaft“ (EnSu), 2. Tag

Expert Workshop on Modelling Energy Sufficiency

Which role can sufficiency play in the energy transition? We want to answer this question with the help of modeling. However, sufficiency and corresponding policies have so far hardly been included in energy (system) modeling. The second day of the EnSu project kick-off is an expert workshop dedicated to possibilities and effects of modelling sufficiency. In this workshop, participants will share their expertise and discuss in which way sufficiency and sufficieny policies could be modeled.

Please contact Luisa () if you have experience in energy modeling (supply or demand side) and would like to share your expertise via a mini-input (2 minutes) during the workshop.

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