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Degrowth in the Netherlands

8. Dezember 2022

A degrowth agenda for the Netherlands (panel)
Thursday 8 December – 20:00 – 21:15 CET

This concluding panel discussion will sketch the profile and stepstones for a degrowth agenda in the Netherlands. What does degrowth mean for a country with such a large economy and dramatic ecological overshoot? What are the sectors that must degrowth? What added value would a degrowth agenda have for the wellbeing of the people in the Netherlands and beyond? Which political strategies, social movements or coalitions are necessary to reach that agenda?

Faiza Oulahsen is department head Climate & Energy at Greenpeace Netherlands. She has broad experience in campaigning and was part of the ‘Arctic 30’ that were jailed in Russia in 2013

Felix van Hoften is economist and lecturer of future economics at Hogeschool Rotterdam. He is author of the book ‘De golven en de Kaap: Op avontuur om de wereld te verbeteren’.

Paul Schenderling is economist and advisor at Berenschot consultants. He is founder of the Postgroei network and main author of the book ‘Er is leven na de groei’.

The panel will be moderated by Federico Savini, associate professor in Environmental Planning, Institutions and Politics at UvA.


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